what advice would you give?
Someone you know is being bullied at school during the day and receiving nasty and threatening emails and texts at night...
look after your m8s
- Met a boy at the park - He fancied me - I wasn’t sure - So gave my friend’s mobile no. instead...
3G and the future of mobiles
Can you imagine the day when your pet can ring you on your mobile or when you can send smells to people?

safety advice for mobiles

  • Only give your mobile number out to people you already know and trust.
  • Meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous. If you feel that you ‘have to’ meet, then for your own safety you must tell your parent or carer and take them with you – at least on the first visit – and meet in a public place in daytime.
  • Respect your friends’ privacy and don’t give out their numbers without their permission.
  • Learn how to block other users... >>learn how
  • Get your friends’ permission before taking pictures of them, and especially before sending pictures to someone else or to the Internet. Remember that as soon as you have sent them, you can’t control where they end up.
  • Look after each other and think about what you send to people. Remember when you text you can’t see the impact your words or images will have, or be able to explain them, so it is definitely better to show respect to people.
  • Never reply to text messages from people you don’t know. This includes spam.