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How would you feel if a rude picture of you was on the Internet – forever?
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I want to tell you about what happened to a friend of mine...
She got into trouble with a guy she met on an Internet chatroom. They exchanged mobile numbers online, and they arranged to meet by texting and phoning each other on their mobiles. When they met up he attacked her...
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situation:Someone you know is being bullied at school during the day and receiving nasty and threatening emails and texts at night. They feel there is no escape from this 24/7 abuse and are getting really stressed by this.

what advice would you give to this person?

A Tell them not to erase any messages they receive from their bully. They should keep a record of every message they receive.
B Encourage them to tell someone about this.
C Tell them not to reply to any bullying messages they receive.
D Tell them to look into how they can block these messages.
E Tell them that it is not their fault & be there for this person if they need you.