what advice would you give?
How would you help someone that you knew was being bullied all the time, even on IM?
getting too close
I thought my friend’s buddy was my buddy. I was introduced to a friend of a friend of mine on IM and I added this guy to my contacts list. After being in contact for a couple of months on IM, he started hassling me...
how good is your IM service?
Check how good your Messenger provider is with the recommendations of the UK Government’s Home Office...
what advice would you give?
Make sure you know how to keep safe on IM...

viruses: a true story


things to remember

Viruses can damage your computer, even destroy it, so...

  • Be suspicious of all files you receive on IM. Check with the sender if you are unsure, and don’t open anything sent by someone you don’t know and trust.
  • Don’t click on a link you received but didn’t ask for, nor one you come across in another member’s profile.

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