bullying via email
What advice would you give? Someone you know is being bullied at school during the day and receiving nasty and threatening emails and texts at night...
has enough spam?
Do you want to ‘Get Viagra for a great price’ or ‘Make Money Today’ or ‘Get any software almost for free’...?
stay safe
It’s not uncool to be smart - safety tips for email users...
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true stories

Real life story shared by K on www.sikkerchat.dk

Real life story shared by 19 years old anonymous girl on www.sikkerchat.dk

what should i do?

  • Only give your email address out to people you already know and trust – not to people you have only met online. Be careful that your email address is not in any online profile (on a chatroom or for IM for example) or on other websites.
  • Respect your friends. Don’t give out their addresses without their permission – and never use emails to bully or manipulate others.
  • Tell someone if you receive a message or messages that is bullying, or makes you feel uncomfortable or at danger. Tell your parents, or a teacher or counsellor at school. Even telling your friends can help. There are also organisations where you can receive advice anonymously, such as Childline in the UK which you can reach on 0800 1111. If the message or messages you have received are threatening or harassing then you should tell your local police.
  • Learn how to block senders >>learn how