Vision and values

Since our inception in 1995 Childnet has sought to keep children and young people at the heart of all that we do. In all our work we seek to respond to the risks that children and young people may encounter online, working to make the internet a great and safe place for children and young people.

 Childnet’s vision is twofold. We seek to ensure that:

  1. all young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to navigate the online environment safely and responsibly; and that those who support children - parents, carers, and teachers etc. - are equipped to do so.
  2. those involved in developing and providing, and those regulating the internet and new technologies (both current and future) recognise and implement policies and programmes which prioritise the rights of children so that their interests are both promoted and protected.

In all of our work we seek to maintain a culture of care and support for children, and those who work for them and the organisations, institutions, providers and governments that operate around them. In this we seek to maintain an uncompromising commitment to protecting the interests of children and young people, challenging the services that impact them.

Childnet’s mission and our values and ethos underpin and shine through all areas of our work and in all our work we seek to:

  • Be child-focussed Open or Close

    In all our work we constantly ask what the impact of it, (whether it is a new strategy, project we are undertaking or policy we are developing or responding to) will be on children. We seek to include the views and the voice of children in our work and to ensure that it is included in the work of others too. We support the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.  

  • Take a balanced approach Open or Close

    We take a balanced approach in our work, making sure that we promote the incredible opportunities that the internet and new technologies offers children and young people alongside responding to the potential risks. 

  • Work in partnership Open or Close

    We seek to work collaboratively, working in partnership with various user groups and stakeholders, including children, parents and carers, child welfare agencies, industry, police, government and policy makers. We seek to work with all sectors as a catalyst for positive change/action.

  • Be evidence-based/listen to key audiences Open or Close

    All of Childnet's work - across education, policy and youth engagement - must be informed by the latest relevant research, and from regular input from our key target audiences, including children and young people and parents and caers. 

  • Be independent Open or Close

    We are an independent organisation and a trusted source of impartial advice.  Our independence is central to our values, and we do not and cannot endorse or represent particular commercial products to maintain the integrity of our voice.

  • Work for all children Open or Close

    Childnet seek to be inclusive in our work, and serve all children, including the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

  • Be internationally oriented Open or Close

    The internet is international, transcending geographical boundaries, and so too are its opportunities and risks. Childnet is pleased to work in partnership with those across the world in the pursuit of our mission. 

  • Defend freedom of speech Open or Close

    The internet provides a great opportunity for adults and children to have voice. We value and encourage this opportunity but where that right seems to conflict with protecting a child from exploitation or harm we believe the welfare of the child must be paramount. 

  • Be committed to excellence and innovation Open or Close

    Childnet strive to achieve excellence in all areas of our work, regardless of the limited resources we operate with. In our work we also seek to innovate. We seek to work in a transparent way and with integrity and accountability, and we seek feedback and to carry out evaluations of our work. As a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee our accounts are independently audited and lodged with Companies House in the UK and the Charity Commission.

  • Be quick to respond Open or Close

    Childnet seeks to lead and respond quickly and innovatively to emerging issues.