Our work in schools

Our Education Team members run internet safety sessions for pupils, parents and carers, and staff members. We have worked with schools, local authorities, foster parent groups, local police forces and of course children and young people.

Our sessions cover the benefits, and many positives, of internet use and address the related issues that children and young people face by providing practical advice that is easy to apply. Issues covered include personal information, social networking, downloading, online grooming, sexting, cyberbullying, gaming, digital footprints, online reputation, and more. Sessions are interactive and can be organised in a way that suits the needs of pupils and your workplace.  

78% of primary pupils are now more confident in knowing what to do if something worries or upsets them online as a result of our sessions
70% of secondary pupils are now more careful about what they put online as a result of our sessions
97% of parents are now feel more confident about online safety after our training
94% of staff say they learnt something new in our sessions 

"I learnt that if someone is bothering me on the internet I should tell my parents or block them or if needed to report them. Also I learnt to not share any of my personal information on. From this I learnt to be very safe on the internet"

8 year old girl 

What we offer to schools: