Corporate sponsorship

Support from companies and corporates can make a huge difference to the numbers of children, schools and parents we are able to reach, and the impact of the work we do as a whole. Since Childnet began in 1995, such support has been crucial, together with support from governments, the EU, and charitable trusts, to ensure that we are able to continue to work for the benefit of children.

But it’s not just about us! We can also help you, whether through offering consultancy services or in working with your staff and supporting them as they engage with children and young people, be it their own, nephews and nieces, grandchildren or neighbours! 

Our ‘Have your Say’ research for Safer Internet Day 2013 revealed that children and young people across the UK are calling out for their peers, parents, carers, teachers and service providers to work together to ensure that they have the support and knowledge to make the most of their time online.  We are very keen to work to equip all parents, carers, uncles and aunts or grandparents to be the best support to the young people they come into contact with.

We rely on the generous donations of time and fundraising from corporate sponsors. Together we can work to help make sure that children and those that support them are able to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that technology can offer and use it safely.

If you would like  more information on how we can work together, please contact 020 7639 6967 or email [email protected]

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