I’ve got a mate who is 15. She was in a chatroom talking with her mates from school when this guy she didn’t know started chatting to her. He asked to talk to her privately and she was online for ages talking about loads of stuff.

The next day she saw him online again, and the next day after that, and after a few days of chatting he asked her for her mobile number so that he could text her. She thought she knew him quite well after chatting for so long, and she didn’t want him to think she didn’t trust him, so she gave him the number. They were texting for a couple of weeks.

One day my friend’s phone rang and it was him. She said he sounded OK – really kind and friendly – so she said she wasn’t worried about talking to him. Although he sounded quite a bit older than her she could talk to him just like one of her friends from school, so when he asked her if they could meet up she agreed and was really excited about meeting him. He said he would get the train to where she lived and then she went to meet him at the station.

They walked along the road for a little while chatting, but after a few minutes he grabbed her and pulled her into the churchyard, out of sight of the road, and attacked her. She managed to get away, and the police were called to find the man.

She was really shaken and really she was so lucky. Really we are all so lucky that she is OK – I hate to even think about what might have happened.