Chris is 15 and has just got home from school on a Friday night and is really miserable. He has just split up with his girlfriend Maria.

When they were together they messed around with each others camera phones – sending teasing photos when they were apart, and taking photos of the two of them when they were together. The pictures were just a bit of fun, but they sometimes had things in them which you wouldn’t want anyone else to see, like semi-naked shots.

Tonight, he found out that Maria – feeling bitter, has text some of the pictures of him to her friends and they in turn have text them to his friends. The images are now all around the school, and to make it worse is that his teacher has found out about it. They now both have to go and see their teacher with their parents on Monday.

Chris is horrified that something so personal and fun has now escalated into this humiliation.

Chris fears that she may have posted the pics on her blog too and that this means they could be all over the net.