a real life story
How would you feel if a rude picture of you was on the Internet – forever?
what advice would you give?
Someone you know is being bullied at school during the day and receiving nasty and threatening emails and texts at night...
look after your m8s
- Met a boy at the park - He fancied me - I wasn’t sure - So gave my friend’s mobile no. instead...
stay safe
Find out what you need to know to keep safe with mobiles...

What is the “Friend or Foe” Mobile Safety Quiz?
The “Friend or Foe” Mobile Safety Quiz is a fun and interactive Quiz in which you download onto your mobile phone, select answers to different scenarios and get a free wallpaper. 

It says I get a free wallpaper just for downloading the quiz.
Where is it?

At the end of the quiz you are given the option to download a free wallpaper for your mobile phone. 

Does it cost anything to download the Quiz?
There is no premium cost associated with the download however standard networking text charges may apply for the text request and the download.

Can I delete the Quiz from my phone?
Yes. The exact method will vary from handset to handset, but in overview you need to go into their phone's file manager or application manager select the application and opt to delete it. If you encounter any issues read your handset user manual.

Why doesn’t the quiz work on my phone?
Check the Mobile Compatibility List to ensure that your phone is compatible with the Quiz.  If it is, check your handset to see if your web access (WAP) is properly enabled. If in doubt, contact your mobile operator. Any problems email us at enquiries@maddogmobile.com and quote ‘Friend or Foe’ with your message.