what advice would you give?
Someone you know is being bullied at school during the day and receiving nasty and threatening emails and texts at night...
look after your m8s
- Met a boy at the park - He fancied me - I wasn’t sure - So gave my friend’s mobile no. instead...
stay safe
Find out what you need to know to keep safe with mobiles...

Take the Friend or Foe quiz on your mobile to see how much you know about mobile safety, and get free wallpapers for your phone.

to download it to your phone and then you can take this fun and interactive quiz. You need to be in the UK to use this service.

The text will be the cost of a normal text, and the download will be free. Once it is downloaded you can take the test as many times as you want at no extra cost.

To check that this will work on your phone, see the list of phones that will work. See the Friend or Foe FAQs.

This Mobile Quiz is the world’s first interactive safety resource on the mobile phone, and it has been produced by Childnet working together with Mad Dog Mobile.