I thought my friend’s buddy was my buddy...

A friend of mine introduced me to this guy online – he was called Jo. After being in contact with him for a couple of months on IM, he started hassling me and pressurising me to meet up offline. From our chats I thought I liked him but I was a bit nervous about meeting up with him. In fact, it turned out that my friend, the one who introduced me to Jo, didn’t really know him at all. They only met online. I then decided to block Jo and remove him from my buddy list - but I was a bit nervous about what he would do as I had told him my school name and where I lived.

I still did receive messages from Jo – he just changed his user name to get round my block, but I blocked those messages and then changed my Messenger address so Jo could not contact me. I was scared at some points, particularly when I thought he would try and find me, so I told my parents about what had happened. They were just glad I had told them!

(14 year old boy)