getting too close
I thought my friend’s buddy was my buddy. I was introduced to a friend of a friend of mine on IM and I added this guy to my contacts list. After being in contact for a couple of months on IM, he started hassling me...
how good is your IM service?
Check how good your Messenger provider is with the recommendations of the UK Government’s Home Office...

how to keep safe with IM

How to block users

For whatever reason you may wish not to receive messages from a particular person anymore. If this is so you can block this person.

  • To do this you right click on the name of the person in the contact list which should give you a range of options, and one of these is Block. It will mean that you will not receive messages from this person anymore.
  • Block is sometimes called ’Ignore’, and if right-clicking doesn’t work, have a look in your Preferences for this function.

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