a true story
The program enabled him to see when she was online and control her computer... he typed threatening messages and obscene words making it appear that SHE was typing them in the chatroom and then made her CD drawer start flipping in and out...
how good is your IM service?
Check how good your Messenger provider is with the recommendations of the UK Government’s Home Office...

how to keep safe with IM

How to archive/save a copy of your conversations

  • Archiving or saving your conversations can provide useful evidence if you come to make a report about something or someone.
  • Some versions of Messenger have an option to archive conversations which is easy to switch on, check your preferences or privacy options in the Messenger toolbar for example, under Tools.
  • For others that do not offer this option, you can still highlight the conversation with your mouse and copy and paste conversations into a Word document which you can save.

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