computer games go online
Watch out: computer games go online. You can buy a computer game in a store and meet locally to play. But today you can also access games via the internet and play online. The thing about online games is that you can play with people all over the world and any time of the day...
a true story
A 13-year old boy in the USA made online friends with an older man via an online gaming website.
In July 2004 after playing and chatting for several months, the boy and his new friend arranged to meet...

safety tips for online gamers

How to keep a record

While the worrying conversation is visible on the screen, create a picture of the screen:

  • Push the button “print screen” on the keyboard.
  • Open a word-document, right click and choose “paste” to insert the screen dump
  • Save the word-document with the records and show it to someone you trust

If it is not possible to copy the conversation, then keep a note of the date and time of the chat, the person’s username, and it may be useful to make a note of the names of other people who saw this person behaving in this way to you.

  • If someone makes you feel really uncomfortable while you are playing then you should just leave the game.
  • If you feel that a communication via an online game becomes dangerous for you, don’t hesitate to tell an adult. They might want to report to the police. The police know about online harassment and have ways of identifying criminals online.