stay safe
Safety tips for online gamers. Children in UK and Denmark say that this is good advice if you're gaming online...
a true story
A 13-year old boy in the USA made online friends with an older man via an online gaming website.
In July 2004 after playing and chatting for several months, the boy and his new friend arranged to meet...

facts about online games

Watch out: computer games go online. You can buy a computer game in a store and meet locally to play. But today you can also access games via the internet and play online. The thing about online games is that you can play with people all over the world and any time of the day.

chat in between playing

In connection with these games you always have the option to chat with other players. Depending on the kind of game, the chat is either supported by the game itself, or is made possible as a part of the gaming website. Some gaming even supports voice chat.

There are many different types of games, ranging from casual games such as chess or backgammon, to role playing or strategy games. Things are moving fast in the area of games. Even if it’s not widespread yet, it’s already possible to play online via mobile phone or television screen.

why are online games attractive?

This is what people said in a study conducted by Framfab.

  • It is a completely different universe
  • I can play it with my friends
  • The games are developed and improved over time
  • I can meet with others and discuss the game
  • I can play with other qualified players