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He started sending her rude messages and pictures
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What advice would you give? Someone you know is being bullied at school during the day and receiving nasty and threatening emails and texts at night...
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Do you want to ‘Get Viagra for a great price’ or ‘Make Money Today’ or ‘Get any software almost for free’...?
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It’s not uncool to be smart - safety tips for email users...

safety tips for email users

How to block users

For whatever reason you may wish not to receive emails from a particular person anymore. If this is so you can block this person. How you do this may depend a little on your provider.

  • In some programmes there is a ‘block’ button actually in your inbox.
  • You block someone by highlighting or checking the box next to their email and then clicking on the Block button. This means that all emails from the address you blocked will not reach your inbox.
  • In other programmes you need to add someone to a blocked senders list which will mean that you won’t see emails from this person again in your inbox.
  • To do this you right click on the name of the person in the contact list which should give you a range of options, and one of these is Junk or even Block.
  • Clicking on this will bring up the option of adding this person to your Blocked Senders List. By clicking this it means that you will not receive messages from this person anymore.
  • Block is sometimes called ’Ignore’, and if right-clicking doesn’t work, have a look in your Preferences for this function.
  • If you are not sure on how to block people in your programme then ask your provider about this.

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