An eight-year-old boy came home from football training crying. His parents were worried and Peter, the boy, sat down and explained to them what had happened:

Football training was over and he was standing at the bus stop. Suddenly a man came up and started talking to him.

The man asked him if his name was Peter and he answered yes. Peter couldn’t understand how the man knew him and asked back “How come you know my name?” The man replied “But aren’t you Peter from the team and you’re going to a training camp in two weeks?”. Peter was puzzled but sat down and started discussing football with the man.

After a short time the man got very close and suddenly started touching him in the groin. He only stopped because a car passed by. Peter was afraid. He shouted at the adult to stop. Luckily the bus then arrived, and when the man saw the bus he got up and ran away.

While talking to his parents Peter remembered that he had been in a chatroom a few days earlier where he had been chatting for a long time with another boy who was also interested in sport. They had been discussing football, and had told each other which clubs they played for, what they looked like.

The reason for telling each about their appearance was that Peter learned that both of them were going to the same football camp two weeks later. They wanted to know what each other looked like so they might be able to recognize each other at the camp.

Together Peter and his parents realised that the chat session must have been the reason that the man was at the bus stop. The person in the chatroom had been lying – he was not a young boy but an adult man. They reported the offence to the police who were able to find the man with help from the chat provider. The man was arrested and charged.