The stories below are from some of the many children and adults that have written to us via the Contact Form telling us about their experiences in Chat rooms

“You have my support 100%”

Hi, I feel really strongly about this subject!! I am 17 and have myself met some weird people on the internet! At the moment I am talking to someone who actually works with children, who is 48!! He thinks I am only 15 and has come out with some disgusting, perverted stuff. But most of it goes far deeper than the surface words. He has a very clever way of handling me, telling me that he will understand if I do not want to meet, and that when we meet he would be content in just hugging me while we slept and nothing more.

He has, in a very strange way, got me believing that he is a kind and caring man, and this is scary!! If he has the power of making a 17 year old, wise female into liking him, then I really do feel for the actual 15 year olds he will be talking to. And, if he really is working with children shouldn't something be done about him??! I was just wondering if there is ANY way of dealing with this situation considering we haven't met? Anyway, good luck with the campaign, you have my support 100%!!!!!!!!

“She was coaxed into providing personal information”

I recently discovered that my 13 year old daughter has been heading down the same path as the 13 year old Smith girl. My daughter responded to a chat room profile and was coaxed (seduced) into providing personal identifying information (name, school, best friends name, etc). Over the course of 2 months an individual has been "grooming" her via Instant Messaging. I discovered this situation last week.

I have contact local law enforcement, but have had no follow up to date. I am not confident they have the where with all to respond. I have also
contact the and the Seattle FBI. Cybertipline has contacted me and provided some assistance. I have not yet heard from the FBI.

I believe the situation is urgent and need immediate assistance and

“I would like other parents to learn from our very recent experience”

My 13 year-old daughter, met 'a friend' on the internet chat rooms, he said he was 15 and after several weeks of chatting and sending really sweet text messages to each other on mobile phones my daughter declared that she loved him. She talked of the really lovely things he said to her, she was besotted ; we asked her to stop talking to him as he now said he was 27 - eventually we took her mobile phone off her and stopped her using the internet - but this simply drove the relationship underground.
She said that she wanted to be with him and would never stop talking to him.

My husband and I became increasingly concerned with this inappropriate relationship - my daughter was saving all her pocket money and buying top-up cards for her mobile phone additionally this 'friend' was also sending her credit for her phone (up to £50.00 worth in total) - He was calling her on her friends mobile phone before school; on the bus, in between lessons and after school - THANK GOD we found out that a meeting was being planned, at our wits-end we realised we couldn't handle the situation alone and we asked the police for their support and advice/help.

They took the mobile phone (my daughters friends) and the 'friend' continued to send text messages, little did he know that it was the police that were replying to him - not my daughter.

This man arranged to meet my daughter in the cafe at a nearby train station, but instead the police were waiting for him.

He is 38 years old and did not look like he had described himself to my daughter He was dirty, smelly and drunk. He had £250 of cash in his pocket (the possibilities with this are unimaginable). He had a palm held computer with him: this contained lists of young children aged between 6 and 16 their e-mail & home details. He had lists of every kind of internet sex site there could be, including numerous child sex sites and (believe it or not) necrophilia web sites.

The police had to let this man go - he had not committed a crime, although everyone could see what his intention was. It scares me to think that he is sitting in a chat room now, waiting for a new victim........ your child ?.

My daughter, innocently, got herself into something extremely dangerous, she's been betrayed and is hurting - I consider that we have been very LUCKY to be able to save her from what one can only imagine !!!
Don't just read the papers and think this happens to someone else
- it can and will happen to you, so:

PLEASE: ALL PARENTS, make sure your children keep safe in Internet chat rooms as they can be very dangerous feeding grounds for paedophiles.

“He said he was 16 !”

I am a 13 year old girl from ………(in the UK) who uses the internet very frequently. I am not very cautious about who I talk to and am constantly being reminded by my parents that I should be more careful. I know it's only because they care and worry about me but I used to get really irritated by it. I don't anymore. Since I saw Tonight With Trevor McDonald on ITV a couple of weeks ago and have since visited this website and read the stories here, I am extremely careful about who I talk to.

I have a friend called Peter who I talk to on ICQ, I always thought he was just a 16 year old boy, but recently he's been pestering me an awful lot to meet up with him - so I just told him straight out NO! Before this I was getting very friendly with him and even my parents and friends noticed that I was always talking to me and my best friend Julie kept warning me that something might happen if I didn't act carefully when using the internet.

I was very pleased to see that so many people care about the welfare of children and teenagers using the internet and hope that everyone who uses chat rooms like I do realises the risks and doesn't just take them for granted! I also hope that a lot more young people visit websites like these as they are extremely helpful and really put things into perspective. Thank you so much for caring.

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