Carol Vorderman
"As a parent myself I was appalled to hear about the experiences of the Smith family * (*not their real name) and how their daughter was lured and sexually assaulted by an adult whom she met in a chat room. Having interviewed Childnet staff for the Tonight with Trevor Macdonald Programme, I have heard how they have supported the family and have helped them to challenge the Internet industry to do more to protect children. As you read what happened on this site, I hope like me that you are inspired by their vision to turn this dreadful family tragedy into something positive. If Chatdanger helps in stopping other families from heartbreak and challenges companies who host chat services to provide better safety information for teenagers, it will be extremely worthwhile.

Clearly the Internet is a wonderful resource for families and like Childnet I am a tremendous believer in the power of the Net. However, when we hear how the new technology can bring danger to children, we all - parents, industry, government and police, - need to work quickly to ensure that children are protected. I hope Chatdanger helps to strengthen the debate about the issues and will help launch a wider Internet awareness campaign so that children and adults are aware of how to behave in Cyberspace and ensure that the Internet really is a great place for children."

David Kerr - Chief Executive of the Internet Watch Foundation
"The Internet Watch Foundation is committed to raising awareness of Internet safety issues, particularly among parents and others responsible for looking after young Internet users. We welcome any initiative which seeks to inform both adults and children about how to use the Internet safely and positively. Childnet have established an excellent reputation in this country and overseas for their work in this field, and we believe that this site will make an important contribution to protecting children online."

The MP has written a short statement for this website - however because we are concerned to keep the identity of the family and where they live secret we have not included the name of the MP nor constituency in this statement.

"As a society we are becoming more and more familiar with the potential and the benefits of the Internet, yet it is crucially important that in our embracing of the benefits we act responsibly. We need to find ways to enjoy this important medium of communication without exposing our children to risk or even harm. Measures to ensure the safety of children using the Internet are of paramount importance and I shall be raising the issue of the security of children in Chat rooms at the highest levels of government. "

Steve Wilson - Managing Director Moore-Wilson Design Ltd
"As a company which has benefited from the growth of the Internet and e-commerce, Moore-Wilson design has supported Childnet in the design and hosting of this website and has donated its time and server space to ensure that news of this important campaign reaches the teenage and parent audience."

Jonathan Robinson, CEO NetBenefit plc

"When we heard about this project we at NetBenefit were delighted to assist Childnet and provide free webserver space for As a leading hosting provider we have ensured that Chatdanger is quick to download and easy to find. All of us in the Internet industry should support websites like this, which provide positive awareness and advice to parents and children about how to use the net safely."

Jean Armour Polly, known in the USA as "NET MOM"
"It's important to remember that not all chat rooms are full of lurking paedophiles, smart mouth teens, or unimaginative users typing endless age/sex/location checks. Chat is often used for positive, if not fascinating, purposes! Far-flung family members have virtual reunions in private chat rooms. Dog rescue organisation members "meet" to find adoptive homes for greyhounds. Classrooms of kids interview best-selling authors, or historical figures such as members of the Tuskegee Airmen, a famous WWII African American flying unit. Student teams competing in scholarship contests (such as the one at meet in private chat rooms to discuss and build their Web projects. Chat rocks, but make sure YOU rule!"