In June and July 2001 Coronation Street ran a story which highlights the potential dangers of chatrooms. 15 year-old Sarah-Louise Platt arranged to meet someone that she had only met online in an Internet chatroom, and to her shock the boy she thought she was meeting turned out to be a man in his thirties.

Childnet International advised on the Corrie scripts to ensure that they were both realistic and accurate. Childnet view the Coronation Street storyline as a great way to raise awareness of chat and chat safety in particular. features on the Coronation Street website, see under Helplines.

Childnet is developing a drama on chat that will be shown as part of a pilot programme on Internet safety called NetBenefit? This pilot programme will take place in schools in Oldham and Newport in July. Childnet are working here with local education authorities and schools to communicate with teachers and parents, school governors and librarians, and crucially with children, on key online safety issues, see Childnet International.